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Tour guide services engaged in as part of a gainful business activity cover the detailed on-site presentation and introduction of attractions significant from a tourism point of view and other sites to visitors as well as the provision of related information and, as the case may be, assistance for visitors in the interest of their guidance and orientation in a place which they are not familiar with.

This activity may be pursued as a private individual or as a corporate entity; however, a corporate entity may only engage in this activity if the business organisation itself has a member or employee who satisfies the qualification requirements determined by law. The fundamental regulations equally apply to private individuals and business organisations in the licensing and reporting procedures.

A service provider residing in another EEA State may commence and engage in service activities under the same conditions as service providers residing in Hungary in the form of settlement, and such a service provider is governed by the same requirements as service providers residing in Hungary. Those persons may proceed as tour guides who have tour guide qualifications as prescribed in a separate legal rule.

It is mandatory to report the intention to engage in tour guide activities to the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office (MKEH). The trade authority issues an official certificate to the person intending to engage in tour guide activities simultaneously with registration on the basis of the report filed.

A person engaged in tour guide services is required to hold qualifications as a tour guide. Tour guide services may only be provided in the language(s), in respect of which the person engaged in tour guide activities has taken a language examination or in which he/she has equivalent language skills. In the case of a business engaged in tour guide activities which is not a natural person, the person actually providing tour guide services on behalf of the business must hold the relevant tour guide qualifications. The obligation to report the intended commencement of tour guide services lies with the business itself in respect of its members and employees.

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